Here's some info about what to expect

What services do you offer?

Psychotherapy and counselling is what is on offer here, but this is broken down into a few different specialties that might be applicable to you! 

  • Addiction outpatient rehabilitation and treatment

  • Trauma informed recovery; including post traumatic stress

  • Family of origin 

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Anger

  • Men's Issues

Something you want to target might not be listed here; shoot me an email or give me a call and I'll be happy to discuss my experience, comfort and capacity


I also offer workers compensation treatment alongside the suitable insurer. I am SIRA accredited approved by WorkCoverNSW. Give me a call to discuss options.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is the comprehensive and intentional engagement between therapist and client for the healing, growth or transformation of emotional, physical, relationship, existential and behavioural issues, or of chronic suffering, through well-founded relational processes. The aim of psychotherapy is to support increased awareness and choice, and facilitate the development, maturation, efficacy and well-being of a client.

Psychotherapy involves what is known and what may not be known in personal functioning, usually referred to as “conscious and unconscious factors”. Through a holistic perspective, it encompasses the mental, emotional, behavioural, relational, existential and spiritual health of a human being.


A psychotherapist engages with a person or group in a co-created process of deep listening and empathic exploration of experience.  Together they may explore social factors that shape an individual’s life experience, behaviours, and values that shape their understanding of who they are in relation to others, and how they create meaning. Aspects of problem-solving are integrated into an affective approach that involves deep structural adjustment of the psyche and encompasses the context of the whole person.

What's the first session like?

If you've ever seen a therapist before, you know first-hand how daunting and anxiety-provoking it may be. So, to make this a little easier, I'm going to break down what the first session may look like. 

I'm going to introduce myself, show you in and ask you to take a seat. There are always fresh water bottles and tissues at your side. I will then let you know and normalise that therapy can be uncomfortable and a bit weird at first - and that this is ok. I will let you know of our confidentiality criteria and our mandatory reporting requirements.  (explained a bit more here), and how I will keep notes of our sessions, for both of our benefit. 

I will explain that our first session is purely for goal setting, us forming a therapeutic relationship and any presenting issues. 

It sounds pretty straight forward, but terrifying at the same time. 

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